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. . .things got a little messy at this morning’s Innovative-IDM’s Hoopla meeting. It’s like Russian roulette but with whipped cream! See the tension build as opponents try to pie their rival in the face. Innovative-IDM: What’s Going On from Innovative-IDM on Vimeo.

Industrial Electronics Repairs: 2 minute overview

If you have industrial electronics in need of repairs — fried AC Drives, broken touchscreens, power supplies that don’t power, DC drives that met a power surge — any make or model, we can help. Here’s an example of the kinds of things we can help you with at Innovative-IDM industrial electronic repairs. [embedyt][/embedyt]

We often get calls for troubleshooting temperature controllers. Here are some tips that can save you some money and time. My Field Service Technicians and I frequently are deployed to customer sites for “Failed” temperature controllers. There are numerous brands of temperature controllers in the market. Applications range from ovens to extrusion machines. Yet most...