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Our Family of Technologies

From specification to implementation, Innovative-IDM can guide you in utilizing the best in robotics, machine vision, safety, motion control, and material handling for your project .

Industrial Sensors

An industrial sensor is a device that measures and detects the changes in its environment, and then provides some type of output. Sensors are used in every part of life from the buttons that you push on an elevator to propulsion systems in space shuttles.

Machine & Facility Safety

Machine safety in your manufacturing facility should not be an afterthought. “Things happen” and the safety and well-being of your valued workers should be paramount.

Motion Control Technology

Motion is achieved by combining a servo motor with a servo amplifier (drive) and a controller. Controllers can be built into an amplifier, be part of a PLC, or be a stand-alone piece of equipment. The controller can be programed to track the number of rotations, or partial rotations, that the motor has made and correlate that into a distance measurement.

PLC Technology

A PLC, or Programmable Logic Controller, is one of the most important automation inventions of all time. Created in 1968 and dubbed the Programmable Controller or PC (it was the first PC, long before the term Personal Computer had even been thought of) it revolutionized the way facilities were automated.

Industrial Robotics

The term industrial robotics can suggest images: From machines manufacturing automobiles to humanoid characters from science fiction.


Pneumatics is a very well understood field. Many people do not know what pneumatics are, or how and why they are used. Most of the time the first thought anyone has in regard to pneumatics is the air tools you can buy for your home compressor.

Variable Frequency Drives

Sometimes motors don’t need a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD), but 95% of the time, motors are running in situations where you can/should vary the speed. You may already be varying the speed of your process via chokes or valves. Putting a VFD on a motor will extend the life of the motor and save on energy costs.

Aluminum Extrusion Assemblies

Today in the industry things are always changing, so why not use a framing system tcane of change? There are many benefits to using aluminum extrusion. It is made from one of the most abundant resources in the world. It is very cost-effective over its counterparts and much easier to modify or manipulate.

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