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Safeguarding solutions to meet your needs for safety and productivity

Machine and Facility Safety Equipment

The process of keeping the workplace safe for employees and achieving machine safeguarding compliance can be overwhelming. Just understanding rules for industrial machine safety can be difficult. Our machine safety services and products can help guide you through the complex issues of machine and facility safety. We are a top-tier distributor for Omron industrial safety products, one of the best industrial safety suites of products available.

Machine guarding solutions

Standards. Regulations. OSHA. We can help you navigate the world of machine safety. With our guidance and using the industrial safety solutions available from our suppliers, you can:

  • Protect employees from needless risks
  • Maintain compliance with published safety standards
  • Mitigate costs from infractions like downtime, litigation, fines, and more frequent OSHA inspections
  • Use the most modern safety technologies available, in a cost-conscious manner, to enhance your facility’s productivity.
  • We have an array of safety technology solutions to help you, including light curtains, safety relays, safety mats, safety interlocks, limit switches and safety fencing. Our Safe-T-Slot Guard modular fencing is some of the simplest and least expensive ways to hard guard machinery and create secure bins.
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Making Safety Simple

Today, forward-thinking manufacturers clearly realize the new role of increased safety on the factory floor.

  • Recently adopted international safety standards have shifted the way systems are evaluated.
  • Safety is a corporate responsibility, not an obstruction to productivity.
  • Safety is essential to increased productivity and profitability.

Risk Assessments

As your partner in machine and facility safety, we do not take a confrontational approach. Dialogue is collaborative and constructive so we can implement safety solutions together and meet all regulatory compliances while limiting the impact on the production process. We want your machines to be as safe as you do.
Our safety assessment begins with a visit to your facility and a tour to better understand what you do, how your machines work, and your maintenance and operations schedules. We identify and evaluate each hazard based on:

  • Degree of potential harm
  • Probability of occurrence
  • Possibility of avoidance
  • Frequency/Duration of exposure

After our onsite visit, we calculate and present a plan based on degrees of severity of hazards. Some, we will need to address as soon as possible. Other remedies can be part of an ongoing risk reduction plan we can implement together over a specified period. All risk reduction plans are crafted with an eye for supporting your production schedules while increasing the safety of your employees.

Featured Omron safety products

Light Curtains

Safety Light Curtains

Safety Laser Scanners

Safety Laser Scanners

Safety relays

Safety Relays

Safety Switches

Safety Switches

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