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Trust your contract manufacturing project to Innovative-IDM

Hiring a contract manufacturer can increase your output without increasing your fixed overhead.

Kitting industrial parts

Kitting industrial parts

Kitting your industrial parts is a great way to gain efficiency when ordering the same list of components on a regular basis. One source, one part number, one box, and one bill to pay. Each kit comes with a quality control certificate listing each item and signed not only by the person who pulled the kit, but also by the one who double checked it for accuracy. Let Innovative-IDM save you the time and trouble of dealing with multiple vendors, multiple line-item orders and multiple bills to pay with our kitting service.

Kitting industrial parts

LIght Mechanical, Pneumatic, and Electrical Assembleies

LIght Mechanical, Pneumatic, and Electrical Assembleies

Gain production efficiency with one pre-assembled component to pull from the shelf and install. Pre-assembled industrial components are used in about every control panel. You could buy each component from different suppliers, cut multiple orders, have dozens of boxes to unpack and then build your assemblies in-house. Or, you could outsource your pneumatic, mechanical, din rail or cable assemblies to Innovative-IDM.

LIght Mechanical, Pneumatic, and Electrical Assembleies

UL 508A Panel shop

UL 508A Panel shop

Why do people trust the Innovative-IDM UL508A panel assembly shop? Our control panels and assemblies are built with excellence and delivered on time from people who care.

UL 508A Panel shop


People trust Innovative IDM. Why?

We offer a full line of industrial automation and motion control products from blue chip suppliers. Night or day, if you need a part we can help with 24/7 parts and service.

Industrial Control Panels

On time delivery

Your delivery date is our deadline – period. We grade ourselves against when YOU need the project delivered. Even in the face of raw materials and parts shortages, Innovative-IDM delivers.


We police our own work, and we keep score on the wall of our manufacturing shops. In the past 12 months., our manufacturing division produced work that was 99.9% correct when it left the door.


Our staff performs with SWAT team precision. All technicians are trained to the same high workmanship standards. No matter which technician works on your project, it will be built correctly and delivered on time by people who care.

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    What our customers say about us…

    Thank you for providing us with a technician who was well trained, knowledgeable, driven to achieve results, and very customer orientated.

    Able V., Maintenance Lead

    Your technician was available when needed over the weekend, which is very important to our production, even though it meant pulling him away from his personal life and family. He always had a smile while working in our plant.

    Adrian H., Shop Supervisor

    I appreciate all the hard work and effort that you provided while Cyrus was away from the office.  Good customer service, or should I say “legendary customer service” is very hard to come by nowadays.

    Anwar C., Purchasing Assistant

    This is going to be the beginning of a beautiful relationship…..complete with tracking numbers without having even asked. Nice touch.  Much obliged.

    Angie F., Purchasing

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