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Fraud Alert: Be Aware of Bogus Orders

October 27, 2022byPepper Hastings

Well, it happened again….and it will happen in the future. A person posing as a legitimate customer tweaks the email address/URL of a legitimate company by one letter or digit (in this case, an electrical wholesaler), then tries to have an order shipped to a “job site” that is not the known address of the legitimate company.

This time it was Yaskawa drives the fraudster wanted shipped to a Florida location for his “customer’s” needs. When Innovative-IDM’s Spencer Metcalf went to set up the customer as a new account, he sniffed out the scheme — and in the process saved us $40K that would have come right off the bottom line.

Metcalf (center) was recognized with the prestigious “Take a Bite Out of Crime Award” by customer service heads Todd Mueller (left) and Cyrus Jahani. In addition to a nice gift certificate (which was just barely less than the $40,000 he saved the company), Metcalf was coerced into an oddly awkward handshake and awarded an in-action baseball card of the great Fred McGriff, who’s nickname is Crime Dog. Metcalf immediately becomes a front-runner for this week’s most Legendary Customer Service Act.