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‘Twas the Monday before Christmas . . .

December 27, 2021byPepper Hastings0

‘Twas the Monday before Christmas and all through the shift, an F7 in Waco had just spit the bit . . .

A Yaskawa F7 drive, to be precise: the control board was causing issues and the our customer called us for field service help.

We found a replacement control board at our repair depot in Houston and our technician (Kyle) drove it to Waco same day to troubleshoot. While doing the onsite repair, Kyle found the root of the problem: The F7 drive itself needed repairing.

Kyle couriered the drive 170 miles back to Houston for an Emergency Breakdown Service. By Wednesday night, our repair team had scraped a “softball-sized worth of dust and grime” off the critical components, had refurbished the F7 and load tested the drive. Back to Waco, ;the delivery and start-up happened on Thursday.

We excel when your plant has an emergency breakdown. The IDM in our name stands for Industrial Drive Maintenance. Try us.

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