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High Dew Point in Factory Air Puts Equipment at Risk – White Paper

December 15, 2020byPepper Hastings0
Reduce dew point: Save downstream equipment

To increase protection of expensive automation equipment, factory compressed air must remove as much water vapor as possible.

That is done by lowering the dew point. (Download White Paper: Lowering Dew Point to Protect Expensive Automation Equipment) from SMC Pneumatics.

Moisture in facility airlines can cause corrosion, rust and pipe scale which can break loose to block or adhere to air passageways that can lead to increased pressure drop and loss in machine performance.

Failure to remove water vapor from factory air can quickly become a costly maintenance headache.

While the more visible culprit of oil or contaminants are easily removed with proper filtration, water vapor and the resulting water condensate are the foremost causes of costly downtime and maintenance

After-coolers, drip legs and water separators are used to remove water condensate from factory compressed air. However, this air is still at 100 percent relative humidity and is still at risk of condensing into water should the surrounding temperatures drop to its dew point.

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