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AC Controls System Save Money vs. DC Systems

June 13, 2016byPepper Hastings0

Can an AC controls system save you money vs. a DC controls system?

Here is an interesting slide from our recent webinar, “DC to AC Drive Retrofits.” Over the expected life of a DC motor, you can expect to spend nearly $600,000 in repairs, maintenance and field service costs. This cost includes the associated downtime opportunity costs, too. So if you make the decision to change from DC to an AC controls system today, find a great partner. You won’t have to worry about the AC drive maintenance costs….leave that for the next guy who replaces you after you’re promoted for making wise decisions.

The webinar brought up some interesting considerations concerning AC controls systems vs DC control systems. AC wins on energy consumption, yet DC wins or ties on many other performance factors which are explained in the presentation. However, AC control systems enjoy far less downtime and repair/maintenance time than DC. Given that all downtime has a negative production cost, an AC controls system (as you can see in the chart below) wins BIG in the long run.

The DC to AC Drive retrofit webinar is available to watch on demand here.

AC Systems Save Money
If you decide to replace your DC motors with an AC controls system, it will be the next guy — not you — who worries about the maintenance of the AC system.

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