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AutoTune an AC drive with a Cheat Sheet

May 20, 2016byPepper Hastings0

To AutoTune an AC drive seems like a complicated task that requires technical experience. While the devices themselves can be used for complicated tasks, setting them doesn’t have to be difficult. Many AC drives can be AutoTuned and program themselves if you follow a basic set of instructions generally provided by the manufacturer.

And it’s not the programming manual.

Programming manuals can be daunting books to read through with a lot of numbers, charts, diagrams and text that is easy to get lost in. The solution is something else: The Cheat Sheet.

Cheat sheets are nifty charts that walk you through the process of wiring the motor to three or four simple parameters then guide you through the actual process of setting up and auto-tuning your AC drive.

Many manufacturers and sellers provide cheat sheets and manuals on their website so coming by this information can be as simple as performing a Google search. A search for ‘Yaskawa cheat sheet’ brings up five or six cheat sheets alone for their AC drives.

Yaskawa provides multiple cheat sheets AutoTune an AC Drive. It ranges from the Yaskawa v1000 to the higher-featured a1000 drive.

Quick Start Guides will provide a bit more detail than cheat sheets and are another simple resource for installing an AC drive. They have flow charts, walking you through each step in order to have your drive operating as soon as possible.

Of course, if your task is more complex then a manual may be your only option. They have every detail about every parameter and are useful for experienced technicians.

Check out our website for an extensive list of AC drive information like cheat sheets, manuals, tips and online resources.

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