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Celebrating Our 2016 President’s Club Winners

February 11, 2016byVanessa Muse4

Innovative-IDM 2016 President's Club Winners

The piece de resistance of our awards banquet every year is presentation of the President’s Club Award. This is an honor not easily obtained and once won, ensures lifetime membership to a group of over-achievers who consistently demonstrate our goals and values. Congratulations to this year’s President’s Club Award Winners.

2015 President’s Club Winners (from left):
Ed Hyer- Started out as a territory manager, now a branch manager with three team members earning President’s Club this year.

Dale Frisk- Customers love Dale. Customers ask for Dale. That’s why he’s a four-time President’s Club winner.

Mike Adams- An ideas guy, always thinking of new ways to bring in more sales or to better help our customers.

Steve Falcone- Sales powerhouse and dedicated advocate for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Heads up “Team Bad 2 Bone Falcone” for annual MDA Muscle Walk.

Joshua McIver- Has a cube, but you rarely see him there. He’s either putting in overtime on customer projects or on the baseball field coaching his son’s team.

Lonnie Gillilan- Field Service manager, Navy veteran, chef extraordinaire. Leads the charge when it comes to helping those in need. 

Joey FairchildWhen he’s not helping Louisiana’s Field Service customers, he loves hunt and fish.

Mike Terlesky- The only employee to earn an engineering degree from Old Dominion.

James Nairn- He may have gained notoriety from his appearance at 3:40 in this cult video. But he’s known around here as the guy who is dedicated to helping our repairs customers.

Gina Arredondo- Active CIA member, no stranger to taking initiative and always willing to help pitch in.

Gene Gray- Company president and MacDaddy of the President’s Club


  • Gene Gray

    February 13, 2016 at 5:53 am

    Great post. Thanks Vanessa.

    I really enjoyed reading the comments about each winner. The President’s Club Award has come to mean much to those who win it. Those who win it, mean much to me. These are folks that over a year, not a project, not a month, not a quarter…over a year, worked hard, worked selflessly to help our company, their teammates and our customers. Sure there are a few positions like sales that can earn this award and earning in is very difficult. Did you realize that 70-80% of the PC winners each year win through nominations from Innovative’s managers and most importantly PC Alumni members? PC Alumni and managers can only nominate 3 people each year for this award and when you look at the winners know, they all received multiple nominations!

    Congratulations on a great year of taking care of the needs of the company, your teammates and our customers.

    Thank you.

  • Carol Frisk

    February 14, 2016 at 9:21 am

    It is so awesome to see so many people all on the same page working so hard for the good. It’s truly inspiring!!!!!

  • Jennifer Tucker-Bowden

    July 14, 2021 at 3:09 pm

    How would I be able to get a copy of the magazine of Presidents Club achievers for 2016. I earned it and can’t find my magazine.

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