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Programming your industrial controls

Adding a new system or new capabilities to your existing line will require industrial controls programming to make your different components and machines work together. Examples of components that require programming include:

  • Human Machine Interface (HMIs)
  • Operator Interface
  • Temperature Controllers
  • Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)

Innovative-IDM engineers and field service technicians have experience with various programming languages and equipment manufacturers.


Programming a New Industrial System

You have a line of machines and an order for a new control panel to run them. How does the control panel make your equipment run the way you need it to? Many of the panel components will require a program to tell them what to do. That’s where Innovative-IDM engineers come in. We can write the programs and set up your components to communicate to your specifications. Often, programming is performed while your panel is being manufactured in our UL508A shop, so when the panel is installed you can get up and running that much faster.

Programming an Existing System

As equipment is upgraded or industrial systems are modified, programming is needed to add new capabilities to an existing system. If your controls are not working due to an obsolete component, like a PLC, we can reprogram your components to work with your retrofit. Whether rewriting the program or converting a program to work with new controls is required, we can help.

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