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If you can dream it, we can design and build It

Why settle for stock furniture? A workstation ergonomically built to the perfect height and dimensions for an employee can increase worker comfort and productivity. Workstations can be fitted with pegboards, LED track lighting, electrical and pneumatic hookups, and more.

Aluminum Extruded Assemblies

If You Can Dream It, We Can Design and Build It

  • Tables, parts supply carts, parts bins, dollies.
  • Wire Racks, tubing racks, rail bins.
  • Workstations, desks, counters, printer and supply tables.
  • Add light ropes, electrical outlets, spot lighting to increase worker efficiency.

Workstations and other furniture constructed of aluminum extrusion are lightweight, versatile, mobile, and changeable. Fact is that extruded aluminum may be THE BEST material to outfit your facility because shelving and table heights can be changed and extended or shortened depending on the needs of the employees manning the area. No more heavy, inflexible welded steel racks and bins. Casters and other footings make lightweight aluminum extrusion furniture, carts, and workstations easy to move, easy to push and easy to handle. You owe it to your manufacturing workers and supply personnel.

  • You tell us what kind of extruded aluminum workstations or carts you need.
  • We do the designs. You modify and/or approve the designs.
  • You choose any accessories (lights, electrical, special handles, feet, casters, hoppers, etc.)
  • We build it and deliver it on time.
  • Industrial Safety Solutions

If you imagine it, we can build it

Your project may be less or more complicated than what other customers have done or our standard sizes. You may choose to use less aluminium and more polycarbonate, or vice versa. You have a great deal of control over your costs by customising to fit YOUR facility’s needs. Ask us. We can help.


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Work Stations
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