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Aluminum extrusion guards workers, machines

There are many reasons for machinery safety hard guarding. Machine pinch points, hot spots, and sensitive controls all can require a combination of machine guarding, perimeter guarding, safety fencing, safety cages, or other machine guarding solutions.

Aluminum Extruded Assemblies

Machine hard guards protect workers from hazards on machinery. Machine and automation hazards include wrap points, pinch points, cut points, crush points, and nip points.

Hazard protection is a necessary audit in your facility. OSHA statistics show that more than 10,000 severe injuries occur every year. One of the most frequent causes is lack of machinery guarding.

The most effective way to protect your employees is eliminating the hazard. But sometimes eliminating the hazard is not possible. That’s when engineering controls come into play, like safeguarding and protective devices.

The most important benefit of machine hard guards is to protect your operators from injury and worse.

T-Slotted Aluminum Extrusion is a common material to construct these barrier guards. Aluminum extrusion is used with wire mesh panels and polycarbonate panels, along with an array of fastening methods and customer accessories – even interlocks or other safety technologies.

If you imagine it, we can build it

We can help you design the most efficient machine hard guarding system for your application, from simple partitions to enclosures and fencing. Aluminum extrusion hard guard assemblies using extruded aluminum in tandem with polycarbonate and wire mesh barriers can help your facility mitigate costs from infractions like downtime, litigation, fines, and more frequent OSHA inspections.


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