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Pneumatics Customer Success Story

June 20, 2022byAdmin


An OEM machine builder wanted to move away from using individual, body ported type pneumatic valves and modernize by utilizing modular manifold technologies. We developed modular manifold solutions for them, but in turn created a service issue with the OEM’s end customers, who were concerned that replacing or servicing a valve on a modular manifold would require them to shut off the air supply to the entire manifold. This would shut down the entire production line versus one operation and disrupt their operations until the manifold was brought back online. The OEM needed to figure out a solution to this problem.


SMC manufactures several valve series with an option referred to as a “SUP Stop Space.” The SUP Stop Spacer is assembled onto the modular manifold, on every valve station that requires this option, between the manifold base and the solenoid valve itself. This allows the user to shut off the air supply to individual manifold stations and the user can service the solenoid valve without affecting the operation of the other valves on the manifold assembly.


The OEM was able to modernize and downsize the space required by utilizing modular manifolds, while also providing its customers with the serviceability that they had been accustomed to with the previous designs. This has allowed the end users to decrease the size of their equipment rooms or create space to install more equipment.